Grouplove – Itchin’ On A Photograph


I have a special treat for anyone reading today.  Have you ever heard of a group called Grouplove?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  But regardless, they deserve a good listen.

The song that I have been playing on repeat, for who knows how long, is called Itchin’ On A Photograph, and it’s the first song on their Don’t Trust A Love Song album.  There are a few things that make this song great, and they all have to do with emotion.  It’s usually a given for music to have emotion.  Obviously.  What would music be without it?  But there are always songs out there that push different kinds of emotion.  Most people are used to the “heartbreak” emotion, and “love at first site.”  Even sexual emotions are expressed through today’s music (thank you mainstream hip-hop).  It’s nice to get a different perspective on things, and it’s great to hear something unique.




Combing steady claps, shaky yet on point vocals, and driving instruments (that lead the song while appearing subtle), creates a musical reality that is perceived differently by many.  This is what I hear.  I hear someone who’s itching to get away from the past, but the past is much appreciated.  You can hear the lead vocalist build his dynamics throughout the song as it builds.  At first he hits his notes with a shaky resonance, but throughout the roller coaster of sound, he belts his tune to the point of a raw, vocal sound.  The ever changing dynamics seem to describe how we tend to appreciate events in the past that have lead to our future.  But at the same time, we always live in the present, so getting away from the past is crucial


Artist Links

Official Website –

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Twitter – @GROUPLOVE




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