Crash Kings – You Got Me


I love rock music that has a raw, grungy sound.  The kind of music that makes you want to do something.  It’s motivational. But I also like pop music.  Music that has an upbeat feel with a mix of emotional messages.  So where can I find someone that represents all of this?  Crash Kings.  Listen to the song “You Got Me,” and hear the raw sound Crash Kings is learning to utilize.

Do you hear that in your face bass?  The raw sound of a distorted guitar?  It just takes the song on a fluctuating journey of dynamics, and then breaks into a chaos of bass.  Great stuff.  Not only does the song go hard, but the vocals are on point.  The lead singer has a knack of sounding unique while hitting every tone with precision.  He does this throughout their self titled album.

You should give Crash kings a listen.  It’s not very often that you cross a vocalist that sounds like a mix between Chris Cornell and Adam Levine.  Check out the video above if you haven’t already, and if you like it, there are some other great songs on the album.  Ones to check out are Non Believer, Mountain Man, and Saving Grace.


Official website –

Facebook –

Twitter – @crashkings


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