Neon Faith – Tied Together


I listened to some groovin’ music today from a band that emailed me for a review.  Their called Neon Faith and they’re from New York City.  Give this song a listen, and notice how they took tribal sounds, and turned it into a smooth beat accompanied by an ambient sound.  Just click the link below.

Neonfaith – Tied Together

Cool right?  I was a little skeptical in the beginning when all I could hear was that one sound, but they layered the other sounds perfectly to build the dynamics.  What’s your opinion on the tribal sound?

If you want to hear more of Neonfaith, check out the links provided.  And support this artist!  Because that’s what this is all about.  For more information on the blog, and how you can get your music reviewed, check out the About Page, and email me at


Twitter: @Neonfaith_



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