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Jukebox The Ghost – Somebody


Here’s a great song that you can jam out to in the car.  You might get a few looks, but it’s worth it.  Even though this song is kind of different, like previous posts, it’s still awesome music.  Check out the official music video for the song “Somebody,” by Jukebox The Ghost.

I think the best part about this song is the falsetto voice in the chorus.  It really keeps that upbeat feel in mind as the song climaxes after the verses.  But the verses are upbeat too.  The song has a way of transitioning with precision, from poppy choruses, to driving verses.  Is there anything else that you think makes this song so good?  Is it even good?  Maybe I picked a crappy song.  But regardless, you should give this artist a fair listen.

Jukebox The Ghost

Thanks for listening,

Sam Mountz


Official Website:  http://jukeboxtheghost.com/site/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/jukeboxtheghost

Twitter:  @Jukeboxtheghost


Graffiti6 – Stone In My Heart


Alright.  The first thing that needs to happen before you read this post is this:  Watch the YouTube video below and listen to the music.  The song is called Stone In My Heart, and it has some unique qualities that I want to discuss with everyone.

Thoughts?  Opinions? Concerns?  I have a lot of thoughts.  One opinion.  And no concerns.  Well, I have one concern… and its you possibly not liking the song.  Oh well.  Here we go.

I really can’t describe the sound that this artist gives off, but one thing is certain: They know how to write catchy music.  Lately I’ve been listening to music that gets stuck in my head.  Why?  I believe that if a song has the potential of being remembered for a while, then who’s to say its not good music.  But that’s the issue right?  What is good music?  Who are individuals to decide what good music is, if each individual has a different opinion.  That’s the beauty of it all.  If music is popular in even the slightest respect, then someone thinks that it is good, therefore generating different types of “good music.”

So why is this song considered to be what we call “good music?”  It’s different.  A lot of music is is just written to a formula that made good music in the past.  While this doesn’t hold true for all music (we all know a ton of great musicians and songwriters), we can all agree that the mainstream music industry is getting old.  So why shouldn’t Graffiti6 push the limit?  Why shouldn’t they write a really weird song that people are going to question?  Because someone will enjoy it.  And I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it as well.

Don’t be scared to speak your mind!

Comments encouraged.

Artist Links:

Official Website – http://www.graffiti6.com/

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/graffiti6

Twitter – @Graffiti6

Fitz and the Tantrums – MoneyGrabber


Fitz and the Tantrums

Do you wanna jam out?  Do you wanna get caught dancing and singing along to music on your way to work?  Brighten your day with Fitz and the Tantrums, a band that represents a mix between Young the Giant, Allen Stone, and Walk the Moon.  They know how to get a catchy song stuck in your head.  And that’s right.  They are NOT main stream.  Isn’t it hard to find catchy music that isn’t radio friendly? I think so, and I’m glad that I stumbled across these guys.  I promise you that you’ll be singing the song MoneyGrabber for a while, without this annoying thought that might have gotten caught in the back of your mind in the past:  “this song is so mainstream radio..”

What makes this song so good?  The choice of instrumentation.  Piano riffs start the song off with a groovy kind of feel, while background vocals introduce the kicking chorus.  Oh yeah!  There’s brass too!  Personally, I love the ways some artists use brass instruments to give their music different perceptions.  On top of all this, those drums really push the emotion of the song as the snare drum hits quarter notes in the chorus.  The song just drives your musical tastes to places they might have never been before.  Seriously.  This song makes you wanna get up and dance!  Or at least shake your hips a little.



Have I not convinced you yet?  If not, I personally want to guarantee a smile on your face and a kick in your step if you listen to this song, let alone the band.  Give it a chance!  And if you don’t like it, let me know why.  If I HAVE convinced you, I’m not sure why you’re still reading this.  Go listen!  And then come on back and let me know what you think.

Overall Rating:  4 out of 5 stars


Oh!  And check out these links for more information on this artist

Official Website:  http://fitzandthetantrums.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/fitzandthetantrums

Twitter:  @FitzAndTantrums